Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another ladder update

Finally, it's March!  I hope the weather starts to get better.  There is still ice on the bay but my creek is just about free.   I got the parts from Marinepartsdepot.com  Took about a month but it was worth it.  The parts that I used could have been had from West Marine.  They wanted $65 per hinge.   The online store had them for 15 bucks each and they were the same ones.  Along with the hinge I got two barrel bolts to hold the motor cover on.  They also offered free shipping and knocked another 20% off.

Good deal all around.

They also fit and did the job!

I also refinished the motor cover.  I skinned the original with 3 mil Ocume.   I'll varnish everything when I can get outside.




  1. Now you need a nice Persian rug for the cockpit sole!

  2. Actually, I am looking for a rug for the sole. Smart ass....

  3. Hi from New Zealand : > ) . The ladder will look real good when its all varnished up. Restorations are a satisfying pastime - keep it up - I'll keep looking.

    1. Thanks for the comment Alden. Varnish is next week. Yes, this has been a great project.