Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ladder in the boat

I got to the boat and put all the parts back together.  The motor cover supports also got a strip of the ocume ply so everything matches. The feet holding off the ladder need some felt pads so they don't scratch but other than that this project is done.

Spring starts tomorrow!!




  1. The varnishing looks great. Are the new small legs screwed to the front of the engine box? I think I can see some screw access holes.

    Is that a fridge or an ice box on the right of the companion way steps?

  2. The legs are attached to the ladder with pocket screws and thickened resin. I'll fill in the pocket holes with the same stuff eventually. I wanted to get the lader in the boat first.
    That door is access to a small icebox. I use it to store all the cleaning stuff and other junk. We're just day sailing right now. What is interesting is the ice box has an access port in the cockpit. You can reach a beer without leaving the tiller!

  3. I really, really like your ice box - access with one hand on the tiller - perhaps you should go into serious production - I'll buy one!!

  4. HaHa! That is a 50+ year old design. This boat was built in 1966...The builder changed the design sometime later. Problem with that seat hatch is it lets water into the icebox which then drains to the bilge.

  5. Swim platforms and boarding ladders are made of teak or poly plastic, and are simple to attach to your boats transom pontoon boat ladder.