Saturday, March 14, 2015

Extra feet/Varnish

The ladder that I found was not made for this boat.  It articulates in the middle which is a good thing as it will allow access to the motor.  The bad thing is it needs something to rest on so it doesn't fold up when you step on it.  I found a chunk of teak at Exotic lumber in Annapolis.  Very expensive teak.  10 bucks for a 1x4x1foot.  But it worked great.  I rounded the corners and fit it to the existing legs.  The existing legs were about 4 inches short.  I have a Kreg pocket hole maker.  Great tool.  It allowed me to attach the part without a scarf.  This is the first fit.  I'll test fit it on the boat then fine tune it before using thickened resin to make it permanent to the ladder.

One day you get snow, the next day you get 70 degrees.  I put two coats of varnish on.  I got one on in the morning and let it bake in the sun.  Got the second coat on around 3.  I'm going to try and get to the boat on Thursday to see if all this stuff fits.

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  1. Teak IS expensive. Imagine putting a teak deck on your yacht!! I can't see just how these new teak bits work, but I am sure all will be revealed - Dodging a Tropical Cyclone here in Whangarei New Zealand at the moment!