Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring project!

Well, the winter project turned into a spring project.  I spent most of the winter building a Classic Moth boat based on the Europe Dingy.   That blog is on one of the side bars.
Back to the A30.

I  used 3 mil Sapele plywood for the deck of the moth and had some left over.  Just enough to make the inserts.  I rough cut them based on the old work and hopefully I'll get over this weekend to see how they fit.  I had to do two sections for each side because I just didn't have a big enough chunk to use.

We're also getting hauled out next week so I'll have something to say about that.

Two steps backward.  I brought the parts to the boat and my left brain was not talking to my right brain.  Some how I cut the hole in the wood in the wrong place.    Don't have anymore of this wood and not buying another chunk at 100 bucks a sheet.  We'll have to figure a plan B.
We did get the boat hauled and the bottom done.