Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring project!

Well, the winter project turned into a spring project.  I spent most of the winter building a Classic Moth boat based on the Europe Dingy.   That blog is on one of the side bars.
Back to the A30.

I  used 3 mil Sapele plywood for the deck of the moth and had some left over.  Just enough to make the inserts.  I rough cut them based on the old work and hopefully I'll get over this weekend to see how they fit.  I had to do two sections for each side because I just didn't have a big enough chunk to use.

We're also getting hauled out next week so I'll have something to say about that.

Two steps backward.  I brought the parts to the boat and my left brain was not talking to my right brain.  Some how I cut the hole in the wood in the wrong place.    Don't have anymore of this wood and not buying another chunk at 100 bucks a sheet.  We'll have to figure a plan B.
We did get the boat hauled and the bottom done.


  1. Well you have made a start which is good, but made me feel a bit guilty about the work I need to do on my 30 footer! - I have been distracted by a small dinghy restoration myself, they have quite a pull don't they!!

  2. My start just blew up. I cut the hole in the wrong place. Still got to figure that one out!!

  3. Interesting. Any more post coming our way? I just purchased an Alberg30 and am looking for any/all data on tips for renovating it.

  4. My recent project took a hit. I cut the only panels I had in the wrong spot. I'm just going to sand and varnish the plywood. The next project we are thinking about is painting the deck. That might happen in July. What is the hull # of your boat and how is the condition?