Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pullman sink update

I've been futzing with this sink for some time.  I got a bowl from Home Goods, got the pump from the junk bin at Bacons and a chunk of roofing rubber from Ace Hardware.  I got a 5 gallon flexible water tank from Walmart.  I hooked everything up and the pump didn't work. Hence the reason it was in the junk bin.   I ordered a rebuild kit from Imtra, an internet marine store.  That solved the problem.  Now you can wash you hands!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

First sail

We got out today for our first sail of the season.  SE winds 10k.  We sailed out of the Magothy and over to the mouth of the Chester river.   Close reach all the way.   The boat handled extremely well  We made 4.5-5 knots all the way.  We sailed about half of the way back then used the diesel   I'm impressed with that too.  With the clean bottom we made 7+ knots wide open and about 6 knots with just minimal throttle.  This was a far cry from when we bought the boat down from Baltimore last year.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Fired up

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had to replace both batteries.  I got two new batteries this past March and put them in the boat.  I did not hook them up until it was time to start the motor.  After we launched I attached the cables and appeared to have power.  The radio worked, the lights worked etc.  I tried the motor but all I got was a solenoid sound.  No cranking power.  I figured the bats need a charge so I put my charger on them for a day.  Tried again, nothing.   I took a close look at the terminals and found the + side was completely wasted.   I hack sawed off the terminals and put new ones on.  Things went well after that.

Also figured we needed an annoying video to go along with that.


Monday, May 12, 2014

In the water

The marina dropped us overboard this morning.  Scary thing is the marina owner was driving the travel lift.  I think finding good help in this industry is hard to come by.  The other thing is on the service shop door their is a sign that says absolutely no free advice.   I think that's why the owner drives the truck.

I replaced both batteries in the boat a few months ago.  At the end of last season I overcharged the deep cycle battery and it broke the case.  Then on top of that I dropped the starting battery and broke the case.    I tried to start the motor and both new bats were dead flat.    Here comes the battery charger...

BTW..  That wood looking thing sticking out of the dock is the finger pier the owner put in.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bottom paint/finger pier

Looks like we are ready to splash.  Shane took the pix.   Still haven't dealt with the stuffing box.  Had one guy say he would do it but never showed up.  Won't answer his phone or email.  Fired him.  Second guy is supposed to do it after we drop in.   We'll see.  Just might get a bigger bilge pump!

The owner of the marina promised us a finger pier so we could get on the boat a little better.  They don't have floating piers here so at times it becomes hard to manage.  I posted a pix earlier of the slip that he promised.  This is what he actually delivered.  I'm not a happy camper.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hiking seats and Pullman sink update

I'm a dingy sailor.  Grew up with them and still race them.  We sit on the rail when sailing small boats.  With that, the Alberg left a lot to be desired when going up wind.  Sitting on the combing became quite painful...   Last season I made a hiking seat.  It was not quite successful.  I made it flat and it worked when the boat was level.  When the boat healed you slid off.  Over the winter I modified the seat  about 10 degrees.  When the boat is healed you sit flat.  I've seen other hi tech solutions but nothing quite like this.

I mounted the sink on the bulkhead next to the head.  I think this is going to work nicely.  I'll drain it into the head and use a folding plastic jug for the supply.  I'll mount the jug in the cabinet behind the head. 

The little sticker on the window allows us to dock at the Fleet Reserve Club in Annapolis.  

I'm hoping we are in the water next week!

The rubber scupper directs the water down the drain when you put the sink in the upright position.
                                                      I just have to hook up the plumbing

The bay is full of water!