Monday, May 12, 2014

In the water

The marina dropped us overboard this morning.  Scary thing is the marina owner was driving the travel lift.  I think finding good help in this industry is hard to come by.  The other thing is on the service shop door their is a sign that says absolutely no free advice.   I think that's why the owner drives the truck.

I replaced both batteries in the boat a few months ago.  At the end of last season I overcharged the deep cycle battery and it broke the case.  Then on top of that I dropped the starting battery and broke the case.    I tried to start the motor and both new bats were dead flat.    Here comes the battery charger...

BTW..  That wood looking thing sticking out of the dock is the finger pier the owner put in.


  1. Great looking Alberg, Great blog! We are just starting a refit on our Alberg 30.

    1. Send me a link to your blog.