Friday, April 4, 2014

Woodwork is done

I finally got a fair day to re-install the cockpit coamings.  When I took these off last November the 1/4 round molding that covered the gap disintegrated.  I have a solution for that but it can wait for a while. I also rebuilt and refinished the drop boards. Main thing is the cockpit is back in order.  Next up is a pressure washer for all the dirt.

The marina where we are is under new management and they are going full tilt on rebuilding the docks and generally getting the place in nice shape.  They even put a little  house back on the dock.


  1. Hi Bill, thanks for putting this great blog together. My name is Brenton, and I just became a first time Alberg 30 (and first time sailboat) owner. I'm really excited but a bit intimidated. Mostly, I'm just reading and learning as much as I can right now before I do anything to the boat. I have her docked up in the Baltimore area. The previous owner painted the cockpit locker tops with white high gloss. The rest of the brightwork is varnished really nicely (except the aft hatch, which is almost stripped of high gloss). I'm wondering if you would recommend trying to strip the paint off the locker tops and re-varnish or just slap a fresh coat of paint on them. I don't have cushions for the cockpit (yet).

  2. Thanks Brent, We have worked hard on this boat. Congrats on your Alberg. What # are you? The locker hatches on my boat are teak. They were weathered quite bad. I used heavy sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease. I decided that teak oil was too much maintenance so I fiberglassed the teak.
    All I have to do now is varnish every few years.
    The reason people paint wood, especially wood that should be finished bright is because it is damaged beyond varnish. What I would do with your covers is remove the white paint and see what is there. Worst case is if it's too bad you can always repaint.