Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pullman sink

There was some chatter on the Alberg site about sinks in the head area.  This boat does not have one.  I thought that kind of odd given all the upgrades the previous owners did to this boat.  I'm told that some Albergs came with fold up sinks.  These are commonly referred to as Pullman sinks from the namesake railroad cars.  I'm going to build one.  I found a perfect bowl for this.  It came from Home Goods and is a two quart stainless steel  mixing bowl.  It will be mounted on a wood block with hinges for folding up.  I'll faberacate some kind of drain.  This will go nicely  with the mirror and the toothbrush holder...

I built a stand.  The hole is for a pump.  That will be stationary while the sink folds up. Still haven't figured out a drain.

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