Thursday, October 24, 2013

Other parts

After the diesel started running good I tackled some of the woodwork on the boat.  The boat had been sitting for 7 years with absolutely no maintenance.  All the topside wood was weather beaten with delaminaion of the venier on all the hatches.  I made temporary covers for the hatches and then took them to my workshop.  I started with the Fwd and Aft hatch.  the fwd hatch has a Plexiglas insert that lets light into the fwd cabin.  All that one needed was cleaning, sanding and re-varnishing.  The aft hatch had the top insert delaminate from the substructure.  I removed that chunk of teak and replaced it with a 3mil sheet of ocume I had leftover from one of the Moth boats.  I made the insert and then fiberglassed the entire top.   It turned out great.  The sliding hatch for the companion way was was a little different.   The teak veneer was delaminating but only the top layer.  I carefully removed that layer and exposed the second teak layer. With some careful sanding I refinished the existing wood.


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