Monday, October 7, 2013

Found the boat

Last year my son mentioned that it would be a good thing to buy a big boat.  We hashed that idea around last Thanksgiving weekend with me committing to look for a boat that we could afford.    Some how I found a site that was home to donated boats.  It is a charity foundation dedicated to running schools for underprivileged kids in the inner city.  This school happened to be on the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. 

On a cold December day I took a ride to Baltimore to see what it was all about.  Turns out they have a beautiful marina a stones throw away from the Inner Harbor.  In that marina they have about 50 boats that were donations.  Some needed to go to the bone yard while others were very nice.    Two boats caught my eye, both next to each other.  They were Alberg 30's.  The A30 is a beautiful boat.  fine lines, well built and a boat that has passed the test of time.

I looked at both boats.  One was a basket case and the other one needed a lot of work but what I saw was mostly cosmetic.  This is one of the first pix of the boat.


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