Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cedar stripped tables

We've spent most of our time working on the outside of the boat.  That work is just about done so it's time to start work on the inside.  I've been slowly doing little things.  Back in the day when this boat was made Formica was the choice for counter tops.   It was a durable product that every kitchen had.  Someone thought it would be good for boats too so this boat had all the flat surfaces cover in the stuff.  I work with cedar strips building canoes and other boats from the strips so it was a natural extension to do cedar stripped tops in the boat.  Since the dinette table was missing I made that first.  One inch thick cedar strips glued and fiberglassed.   After the table I made a motor cover.  Then came the little table that hangs down from the sink area.  The last item is the shelf that holds all the nicknack things your bring aboard.
I tried to refinish the teak floor but it is badly stained and I don't think it's going to clean up.  That's another story.

 Dinette table.  Not sure that the design location is ideal but that's where the hooks for it were so I just made   the table to fit.  Not good if you have to hit the head fast!
    My inspiration for the tables came from the cover/cutting board for the stove top.  The sink area is going       to be a wintertime project.
                                                                      Nicknack table on top of the icebox.
                                                                Motor cover.

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