Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rudder pin

When we pulled the boat we noticed that the pin holding the rudder to the shoe was missing. The last post got the rudder off the boat.  It is now in my garage getting a new pin.  I referenced the Alberg 30 web site that has a library of repair and maintenance procedures.  The pin installed by the builders was a 1/2 inch bronze pin.  It was unclear to me as to how they installed the original.  My solution was to drill out what was there and replace it.  I started with a 1/4 inch drill bit for a pilot hole.  I then used a 7/16 in bit to finish the hole.  I drilled it apx one inch into the rudder shaft.    The next step was  a 1/2 x13 tap to put threads in the hole.   I found a 1/2 inch silicone bronze rod at Jamestown Dist.  It was expensive.  Thirty five bucks for a one foot section.    I used a die to cut threads.  I cut it to size and rounded the bottom.  Next post we'll do the reinstallation of the rudder.


                     Bottom of rudder. Bronze rudder shaft with tapped threads.
                                                              Pin in the rudder
                                                                    Test pin.

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