Saturday, March 22, 2014

Other parts

I haven't done too much lately because the weather is still not behaving.  I did get one nice day this week and I finished sanding the hull, getting it ready for paint. I'm going to paint the hull Navy blue and the boot stripe white with blue bottom paint. I've been doing the woodwork back at my shop..  I got the cockpit combings varnished.  I'm using a urethane varnish.  I'm finding that the urethane is better than regular varnish.  My opinion!    I contracted with  the marina to do the stuffing box so we are getting down to the end of the winter punch list.  

 Stainless steal rubrail is off and the hull was sanded with 60 grit paper.  I did the teak too.  Looks good.

                                               Seat locker cover.  I fiberglassed both seats.