Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rudder's back on (With May update)

Shane and I got over to the boat.  Great day for work.  Sunny and 60 degrees.  I drilled out the shoe with an 11/16 drill.  That made room for the bronze bushing I made from tubing I got at Fawcets.
We manhandled the rudder back in place and put the bolts in the gudgeon.  As soon as we started to put the bolts back in the rudder post we ran into the first and only problem  The upper two bolts would not clear the hull.   I guess the reason we got them out was because the pin in the shoe was missing an we could use the extra space it made.  The space was gone with the new pin in place.  So off with the gudgeon bolts.  We then put the two upper bolts in most of the way and then repositioned the rudder pin back into the shoe.  The rest of the bolts went in ok.  I stuffed the opening with silicon and tightened all the bolts.   Back in business on the lower end.
In the cockpit I made a new flange bushing out of a Delrin.  That will serve as a base to reattach the brass collar.  I also made a top bushing just because.

It's now into May and one final update to the rudder.  I put two layers of 6 oz fiberglass over the three lower bolts.  I did this because I think two of the nuts holding the bolts on were stripped.  The glass should keep the pins in place.

The slightly dark area is where the glass is.  It wraps around to the other side. Two layers went on nicely.

Shoe with the new bushing.

                                                    New pin in the shoe and a bronze washer.

                                                        Delrin bushing

                                                          With the brass flange

With the top bushing.

Flange with delrin bushing installed.